Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weirdness of buying plane tickets...

...when the departure city is not MSP!

Travis and I have been planning a week long vacation up in northern Minnesota for a long time. Since before we went to Europe back in February, really. So we've been looking forward to this. We've rented a cabin up on Travis' favorite lake ever, Lake Vermilion, and his best friend, Pete, and Pete's girlfriend, Rosa, are flying up from Phoenix to join us.

Except now I will be in Seattle! So I also have to fly in for this vacation. I am buying my plane ticket tonight, and it feels weird to be buying tickets with SEA as the departure airport. This is actually the second ticket I am buying with Seattle as my departure - I've already bought my ticket back to Minnesota for the November 1 Notre Dame-Pittsburgh game. I am flying into Minneapolis, spending the day with my Mom, and then Dad and I are flying to South Bend that night. I will fly back through Minnesota on my way back to Seattle at the end of the weekend.

This vacation we have up in Vermilion should be great - we've rented a really sweet cabin at Pehrson's Lodge Resort. We have rented a cabin called the Wren, which sleeps 6 people...if you're interested in coming up for a few days in mid-September, let me know - we might have a bed for you to crash on.

I'm also on a mission to find a spa in either Hibbing or Duluth. Does anyone know of one?



Luna said...

And here I am just getting used to MSP being the departure city!

Schmiddy said...

I hate Seattle. ;)

Al Iverson said...

Hey, I know what you mean. When I was wrapping it up at DR, I actually came back and had to stay at a hotel in EP, because I had no furniture in my apartment. It feels weird, doesn't it???