Monday, August 11, 2008

Softball update

The playoffs for church league softball began tonight. We had an even .500 record in the regular season, and were seeded in the winners bracket. We played the team from Crown of Glory tonight, and I think our teams were pretty evenly matched.

Guardian Angels played an AWESOME game. I think we played the best we have all season! We were getting good bats and good gloves from everyone. Unfortunately, we were the away team, and COG was playing really well too.

In the top of the seventh (that's the last inning in our church league), we pulled ahead of the tie by getting two runs (I was one of them, I hit pretty well tonight). The score was 10-8, GA. COG gets up to bat, we get two good outs, and then BAM, one of their bruisers hits the ball out the park. That's the first time we had another team hit an out of the park homer. Dang. So the score is tied (they had a little guy on base) now, and they hit a huge fly ball with one person on base. It got lost in the lights, and they got another over.

Dang! We played so well tonight! It's a real bummer to lose such a close game, particularly when we had some questionable calls from the ump that did not go our way.

Oh well, we lost gracefully, and we had a ton of fun playing tonight. We play again next week, and if we win our 6:15 game, we go on to play a doubleheader at 7:30. I'm going to have some optimism and see if I can get my husband to bring the team some KFC between games so we can have some delicious protein power. :)

Being on this team has been just awesome for me this summer. I've had a great time, and I am glad that the season ends just before I leave for Seattle. I doubt that any of them read my blog (YET), but if someone is, I'd like to say thanks for a fun season to Bryan F, Brian B, Brian R, Dan, Ken, Julian, Mike, Alex, Joanne, Sean, Brendan, Greg, Jenna and Amanda (my recruit! :) )

I meant to take a picture tonight, but I forgot to take care of I hope to remember next week.


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