Thursday, August 21, 2008

This made me a little sad today

I was looking at my church's bulletin for this upcoming weekend (at and saw this little blurb in there:

This made me a little sad for a few different reasons. It was very sweet of them to put this in there (I'm pretty sure it was the music director's idea, thanks Teresa!). I am going to really miss this parish - I've been a member for the past 27 years, and cannot believe that I won't be involved there anymore. I am very concerned about finding a good parish out in the Seattle-Tacoma area that I really like and where I feel at home. Travis doesn't go to church, so Guardian Angels was pretty perfect for me...I knew so many people there and was so involved that I never really noticed that I was "alone" there.

Anybody have any suggestions for good Catholic churches in the southern Seattle/Kent/northern Tacoma areas?? Any advice would be welcomed!



Luna said...

Good luck finding a new parish. I found a church here very shortly after moving, and it really makes all the difference in feeling "at home" right away. Especially around Christmas when you're away from your family, it's good to have an "extended family" nearby.

Schmiddy said...

Dad and I saw the blurb in the bulletin - very nice. You will be missed by many!

Schmiddy said...

PS - still hate Seattle. ;)