Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last time landing in MN when it is officially my residence...

Travis and I had a quick trip out to Seattle over the past few days. Why you ask? Because we put in an offer on a house neither of us had seen, and we needed to be there for the inspection!

I cannot believe the way the previous owners/residents TRASHED the place. The smell in the house was pretty much unbearable - I almost threw up because it was that bad. Seriously, they had a goat that lived with them. A GOAT. We will need to essentially gut the interior and start all over. We're working with the mortgage guys to see how we can make that happen for us.

The great news about the place is that it is a good investment, the work is almost entirely cosmetic, and the location is fabulous. The number one (and two and three) tenet in real estate is location, so that bodes well.

Now we are waiting on our mortgage company and the bank that owns the property to get back to us to let us know what our next steps are - keep your fingers crossed!

Anyways, when we landed back in Minneapolis, I realized that it was my last flight to Minnesota that has Minnesota as my official residence! I move out to Seattle this Friday afternoon, so at that point, I will have to say I live in Washington! Weird!



Al Iverson said...

a GOAT?!

Schmiddy said...

Good luck and I love you! I'll be thinking about you and I'm always here for you.