Friday, August 29, 2008

New digs in Seattle

I'm too tired to do much more than post the few pictures I took today of my new (temporary) apartment. It's a "fully furnished" place in a complex called Harbor Steps. The traffic to get from the airport to Seattle was a breeze, but the traffic when I got to downtown was unbearable. It took me at least 35 minutes to get from the edge of downtown to 1st and Union. Yikes!

Anyways, I made it. I have a rental car (a Vibe, it's actually pretty cool), and because of the parking garage, I will apparently get good at parking it (maybe?) The garage is definitely a city lot...small spaces, lots of pillars. Bad for Samantha!

I bought a few groceries tonight, and I will be making a bigger trip tomorrow out to a Target store and a grocery store. Once that is done, I should be all set. I'm almost done unpacking and making it feel a little bit more like home...I do need a bunch of hangers in order to finish putting away my clothes.

So on to the pictures. I took pics of the apartment from a few different angles, and got a few shots of the view as well. It's an interesting layout, but kind of weird in my opinion. The only bad thing about the "fully furnished" is that there isn't a TV in the bedroom, which I am used to...I wouldn't mind falling asleep to that tonight.

So there you have it, day 0 in Seattle is done and over. Now onto learning the area!!



Amanda said...

I hope that you're doing well. I love you. Good luck and feel free to call/e-mail whenever.

Al Iverson said...

If you want to geek out on the TV front, get a Slingbox. It would hook to your cable box in the living room and let you watch TV on your laptop, from your bedroom or wherever. That's what we use instead of actually having TVs.

It goes in between your cable box and your TV in the living room, and it wouldn't screw up the TV. It does mean the TV watcher and the Slingbox user would have to be watching the same thing at the same time. The Slingbox can control the remote, just like a normal setup.

BTAN said...

I like the new pics. But I miss you, can you please come back?

MamaBear said...

The Sound is a nice view. Wonder how it looks at night lit up. Sleepless in Seattle comes to mind-cliche but what can I say. Love you-Mom

Schmiddy said...

Looks good so far!