Monday, September 1, 2008

I really liked the church! - Seattle Day 2

I know, I didn't post last night and I should have, but today's post will have to do. I did tell several people about this already, so this might be old news to you anyways.

As I mentioned, I went to the 10am Mass at St. James Cathedral yesterday morning. The walk took me about 20 minutes, and it was mostly uphill (I will apparently be getting into better shape by living here!) The walk was very easy, just up Seneca and right on 9th. When I got to the church, I was handed a bulletin, which contained their music as well as all of the parish happenings. The way the altar is set up means that people can sit on all four sides (Mass in the round sort of). I chose to sit in the front. After I sat down, the priest came up to introduce himself to me - he was very personable. The music for the Mass was gorgeous. All of the responses were sung, and the majority of the songs were familiar to me. Even though it is a Cathedral, and the seat of the Archdiocese, I loved the community feel of the church. It reminded me of the Basilica at Notre Dame.

After Mass, I decided I would go to the coffee hour and see if I could meet anyone. I did! I met an usher, who introduced me to a choir member, who wanted my information for the choir director. Both the priest and the choir guy told the director that I should be in the choir, so later on Sunday afternoon, the director called me. The St. James Cathedral Choir is one of the best choirs in the country, and normally you need to try out, but apparently because I sang at Notre Dame and my parish in Chaska, I don't need to. (Sweet.) I am going to check out the choir on Thursday evening as they have their first rehearsal of the year, and then sing with them on Sunday morning. I'll keep you posted.

After I left the cathedral, I walked over to my office building, and then headed towards home. It will only take me 10 minutes or so to walk to work; I will have to see how I am feeling in the mornings and how the weather is, but it's good that it is possible. I will be getting my workouts from that walk!

Yesterday afternoon, I wandered around the retail core of downtown Seattle, browsing shops and taking in the layout of the land. I found a hair salon/spa called Gene Juarez where I got my haircut. It looks good, and this business has mulitple locations in the Puget Sound area, so I will be able to go to one without having to come downtown even after we move to Kent (if we get the house, no word yet).

That pretty much wraps up my day yesterday. I just chilled in the evening. I think I might head over to the Seattle Art Museum (aka the SAM) today. It's just across the street, and they are having an Impressionism exhibit right now.



Amanda said...

Congrats on joining the choir! I'm glad you were able to meet some people and that you enjoyed the mass.

It sounds like you will be getting quite the workout living in Seattle- make sure you bring your umbrella for all of that walking! Take care. Love you.

Schmiddy said...

Congrats on the choir invite - that sounds like a big deal! Also, who is Sam Schmid? Sam Schmid, Sam Schmid, never heard of her...oh wait...