Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hamburger Helper...

...makes a great meal!

Well, at least I am telling myself that. The lasagna variety is cooking away on the stove right now. I'm sure it's no stovetop lasagna (one of my specialties) but it will I think be serviceable. You might wonder why I even have Hamburger Helper. No, it didn't come with the apartment, but I figured when I was at the store that it was a quick and easy meal that I really don't have to think too much about. It takes maybe 20 minutes to make, so it doesn't get much faster.

I have choir rehearsal tonight from 7:30-9:30, and I also need to pack for MN, so I don't have much time tonight to do much else. Tomorrow night I have dinner plans before I head out of town, so I don't want to rely on having a ton of time tomorrow to pack, so I want to do it tonight before choir.

All is well in Seattle. I am excited to come home for the upcoming week...the cabin on Vermilion looks great, and I even got a spa day planned for Rosa and me next Friday. Fun times.

I'm settling in well, starting to make friends and do stuff. I went up to Ballard last night to meet up with some people, and enjoyed several adult beverages at a bar called Hazlewood. Then today I met some folks for lunch, and had an absolute times!

Off to eat the Hamburger Helper!!


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