Friday, September 5, 2008

I made it through the wilderness

First week of work is on the record books! I won't be writing too many specifics about work on here (do you guys remember those cases when bloggers wrote about their companies and then got fired? that won't be me!) but the first week went well. I spent my first few days planning what the heck they are paying me for, and think I have a solid plan. Execution will be the key for me, my friends, and I will be working lots of hours to get this stuff done.

But it's fun!

I have a fabulous view of Mt Rainier, Safeco Field and Qwest Field from my desk - yep, I got myself a window. :)

I am going to go see the world premiere of Shrek the Musical tonight (well, it's not opening night or anything, but it is the world premiere run, so go with it) - I know nothing about it, but the theater is about 5 blocks from home, and on the way home from the office today, I stopped and picked up a ticket. More to come on how that is...not sure that the green ogre will transfer well (think Lord of the Rings: The Musical?) but we will see!

I get my car back (finally!) tomorrow morning, so that's good news. I may drive around the northern suburbs to see how life is up there. I am also thinking of going to go to the Notre Dame game watch with the ND Club of Greater Seattle tomorrow, and then Sunday, I have my first Mass as a member of the world-famous St James Cathedral Choir. (The first rehearsal and welcome dinner last night were awesome...this is going to be good for me.)

Anyone who wants to come out and see me...let me know! I would love company...I'm very excited for the kitty to come out here on the 21st after our Lake Vermilion vacation. Someone to come home to! :)

Oh, and I got a BlackBerry. In case I wasn't reachable enough or connected enough before. Now I have an additional cell phone number (this one with a 206 area code). I don't quite have the number memorized yet, but I am close. I do have my office phone memorized now. Woohoo!



Amanda said...

I hope that your first Seattle choir experience went well- did you get to sing any of your favorite songs?

As for visiting... I've been looking at airfares- no luck so far. B and I have our crazy school schedules, so we'll have to see if a visit during the school year is possible. If not- summer road trip? Take care!

Schmiddy said...

Congrats on making the choir - that's fantastic (but I'm not surprised)!