Sunday, September 14, 2008

Up north

I am in Minnesota this entire week (yay!!) because we rented a cabin on Lake Vermilion. We are staying at Pehrson's Lake Lodge, and we have the Wren cabin. It's beautiful...brand new, and the entire interior is done in knotty pine. We are up here with our friends Pete (aka Fetus) and his girlfriend Rosa. They came up from Phoenix on Friday night.

I took the red eye flight on Friday night into Saturday. I can't believe how they stuff you in like literal sardines on those flights...I was crammed into a corner, almost needed a shoehorn to get into the seat. I got a little sleep on there, though not as much as I wanted! I borrowed my mom's car for the week, so we had two vehicles to get up here. Pete and Travis drove up the Durango and the boat, and Rosa and I took the Buick. We listened to an audiobook on the way up (Judge and Jury by James Patterson) - we're not quite through it, but it is pretty good thus far. I feel like I may have read this at some point, but I really don't remember how it ends, so it's all good.

We are currently watching the Catch Me If You Can DVD, which is one of Trav's favorite movies. Pete and Rosa haven't ever seen it. It's a pretty good movie.

We also have a rip roaring fire going in our fireplace, and I just love them. I'm excited about it.

Anyways, it is nice to be in Minnesota now, and it's great to see Travis finally! :)



Al Iverson said...

They cram you in there, and they are rude to you the whole time, and they charge you extra for anything, probably including breathing. We flew to Baltimore for the weekend on United and every step of the process was miserable. Being IN Baltimore was mostly fine, but getting there and back sure made me want to avoid going there ever again.

BTAN said...

Sounds wonderful. Friends, family, fire and pine. All you need for a good time. I checked out the link and the cabin looks really nice. Enjoy and I can't wait to see you this weekend.