Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm pretty sure I'm not bored

Well, I am pleased to report that I am not in any way bored with my job or with Seattle! It seems like there is always something going on - it's to the point where I am excited to be able to stay home and watch TV at night.

I have dived into work now, and will be doing some traveling for my job soon. I will be going to San Jose, CA and Charleston, SC during the first part of October. (Anyone know a person willing to be a cat sitter while I am gone??)

On Tuesday night, I went and saw another house that is a strong possibility for me and Travis. We put in an offer on that place. I actually think we have two great options, now we need to see which offer gets accepted first, and throw ourselves into closing that quickly. (I know, two offers? Crazy. But the Goat House bankers are simply not responding quickly at all, and so we have to have a plan B.)

Thursday I had choir practice. We sang a song my college choir had recorded, and that was really fun. The men also sang the same version of Ave Maria that the ND Glee Club does...awesome. Nostalgic.

I also got to watch a lot of Dancing with the Stars this week. I really like that show. I ended up buying the iTunes subscription for Grey's Anatomy...I won't be able to see it when it is on because of choir practice, but I like the show a lot. Plus, it's set in Seattle. I actually know some of the places they talk about.

I think it is bedtime for me. I am sleepy, and want to get some good sleeping in.


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Schmiddy said...

What is an itunes subscription to a tv show? What about DVR or Tivo? Fill me in! Glad you are doing so well!