Monday, September 29, 2008

I found bread!

I know it's a funny title, but for all of the farmer's markets and fresh produce that can be foundin Seattle, for some reason I have the hardest time finding non-Wonder bread. I want some good bakery bread! Well, today, on my way home from work, I finally found some. Yay for me!

This weekend, I went out to the Goat House to meet with a contractor. Travis and I have decided to rescind our offer on that house - it just needs too much work and it would be a lot of time, stress and money. So it's off the table. Anyways, after I visited the house, I went over to Kent Station and got a manicure and then got some delicious dinner at a restaurant called Zao. They had these awesome chicken spring rolls...mmm. I want to go back!

This weekend I also cleaned up a bit, and wandered around Pike's Place market to get produce. I picked up some really good peaches, apples and something called a plumcot (which is a hybrid plum and apricot). I also got some vegetables and some chicken, and made myself a delicious dinner on Saturday night. I watched Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey as well this was decent, but nothing to write home about (interestingly, I am writing about it in this blog, which is essentially writing home. hmmm.)

On Sunday, I went with my new friend G. from work over to Target. I helped her pick out stuff for her new apartment - she moved here from NYC. We started on the same day, so us new Seattleites need to stick together! After shopping and unpacking her loot, we went out to a scrumptious dinner at the Pink Door. Oddly, I have been to this restaurant three times now. But I haven't really been to very many Seattle-area restaurants. I do recommend the Italian cuisine at the PD - it's really good. It's apparently "my" place.


Tonight, I'm watching Dancing with the Stars, doing laundry, and getting excited for Travis to be here! Tomorrow night, I have a work soiree to attend, so I won't be able to do anything at the apartment tomorrow night to get ready for Trav (he gets here Wednesday for a visit - yay!)

In financial news (no, not related to the bailout) - I get paid tomorrow!! It's weird to be paid monthly. I am also getting a portion of my signing bonus tomorrow...maybe I should go out and celebrate being flush for a little while! :)


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Schmiddy said...

You get paid monthly?? That sort of sucks. Glad you found bread - I did laugh at the title. Hope you are well!