Saturday, October 4, 2008

Seattle Thunderbirds

Travis was here visiting for a few short days (just Wednesday-Friday, I brought him to the airport really early this morning). While he was here, he picked up our season tickets plus two jerseys for the Seattle Thunderbirds, which is a WHL hockey team. (No NHL here in Seattle, which is a bummer.) Anyways, the home opener is tonight, and I am going with a buddy of mine from Amazon. I'm kind of excited to see how these games compare to NHL games.

The first half of the season is being played at the Key Arena in Seattle Center, and they are moving to the Kent Events Center in December - that will be their new home. They've loaded their front half of the season with away games, so there will not be that many games played at Key Arena anymore.

In other sports news, I am watching the Irish win against the Stanford Cardinal. What kind of team mascot is a color? Weird. Uh oh, ND just had a turnover! It's the fourth quarter, and the Irish are up by two touchdowns, but weirder things have happened...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an ND win.

I've got some house news. As I mentioned, we took our offer out of the Goat House last weekend. During the week, an inspection was performed on the Renton house (not on our dime), and foundational issues exist, so that is off our list as well. I think we've finally found the right house - Travis found it on Wednesday, and we have an approved offer in front of the sellers' bankers (yes, it's a short sale...bah) The place is beautiful, it's in Kent, near Kent Station and the Kent Events Center, and we really like it. We may not be able to close on the place as fast as we want, so I went to visit an apartment complex in Kent today to discuss a very short term rental. So that's a possibility.

It's been raining for the past few days. Travis always brings bad weather with him. Yuck.

Well, it's thus far a busy Saturday, and it's only 2:45. Tomorrow I leave for San Jose for a few days, then it's off to Charleston for a few days, so I will be out of town all week. I hope all of my faithful readers have a good week :)



Schmiddy said...

Sorry it's IS Seattle afterall though. :) We missed you tonight - glad you are well! Love you.

MamaBear said...

Who's watching Ninja! Have a good trip! PS - this is Dad. The bear let me in!

BTAN said...

I hope youre having a safe,fun time with all of your travels.