Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My friend's great post on keeping a rational head after today's results

My friend Luna had a seriously awesome post yesterday, and she is letting me post some of it here!

Here's the full post: A plea for a rational reaction to the election

There’s less than a day until the election, and just over 24 hours until it’s all over. Someone new will be elected president. And someone else will not. Some of us will celebrate, and some of us will not. But really, whether our “side” wins or not, we should remember to celebrate the process. That even if we don’t agree with the person who gets elected, that we live in a country where we get to vote. Where we can express disapproval over an election or a president.

I totally agree with this. It is amazing that we can express our opinion, and I am shocked by how many people do NOT do so via voting. PLEASE VOTE.

What I wish we could all do – on either sides – is this: first, see what happens during the first weeks and months of the new administration. It may not be the Evil Empire that the opposition painted it to be during the campaign. Plus, their own campaign rhetoric may not be what they truly intend to implement. Both sides have to play to their bases, and they may put aside what is most controversial once the race is over.

Awesome, a call for rational thought! I add my support to that call. The country will not explode on November 5, regardless of who is elected.

And last, a call to activism. The statement below is how I feel about the Catholic church as well as our government. You have to actively work to enable change. Make your voice heard.

Finally, if you truly disagree with the policies, instead of worrying, actively work for the outcome you want to see on individual bills. Spending election night upset and worried about the future, followed by 8 years of frustration and bitterness will not change the world. Accepting the outcome and then working within the framework of the government we have might. Being able to talk to the “other side” and about the leaders that you disagree with calmly and respectfully instead of from positions of fear, in speech filled with rhetoric, might lead to compromises that we can all support. But if we all become so entrenched that we can’t see that the other side may have some valid points, if we all dig in our heels even more every time we disagree with someone, we’re never going to make any progress.

Thank you, Luna, for your great and thoughtful post! Make sure to go check out her full posting. It's good.

Happy Election Day, everyone!!!


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Schmiddy said...

I know I will be bummed if things don't go well tonight...regardless of my rational thought process. Too much depends on the outcome this time around. Sorry.