Friday, November 7, 2008

Pictures from the ND weekend!

I took some great pictures at ND last weekend, and it's about time I post them! They are in reverse order because Blogger makes them be that way (boo!) and I didn't want to mess around with moving them around. So deal with it.

I took a lot of pictures this time because the fall colors on campus were really pretty. And I took quite a few "artistic" (or artistic for someone like me, artistically-challenged!) pictures, so enjoy.

Oddly, at the end of the game, during the first overtime, the sprinklers turned on on-field. What the heck? Come on, ND. Weird.
Dad and I at the game!
Dad and I in the stadium with Touchdown Jesus in the background.
Touchdown Jesus from the stadium.
Touchdown Jesus in the reflecting pool. (Artistic?)
Not sure why I took so many pictures of Touchdown Jesus this time, but I did. I like this one.
The greatest college football stadium ever...Notre Dame Stadium!
Dad and I in front of the Golden Dome.
Super artistic leaf shot. It's my desktop background right now. It's yellow and pretty, and very fall-like.
Pretty yellow/red/orange trees.
The Dome and Basilica from across the lake.
Another arty shot. I like the red.
Campus is pretty.
The Grotto. This is the first place I went after I heard the towers fell. Me and lots of fellow Domers. This place is such a great reflecting spot.
A fairly artistic shot of the Basilica, this is probably the best picture I have ever taken on campus. Well, maybe not ever, but close.
A pretty picture of the Dome. This could be in catalogs, that's how great of a photographer I am!
A picture of the leaves changing on God Quad.

I think that's all I will post. A beautiful weekend on's a great retreat. You get religion, sports and culture all in one weekend. :)


Schmiddy said...

Nice pics! Glad you had fun.

Luna said...

Great pictures! It looks like a beautiful campus.

melanie said...

ooOOooo... pretty pictures. =)