Friday, October 31, 2008

Lunch, Minnesota-style! Plus, a voting PSA

Apparently, my last restaurant review was too detailed...therefore, this post will not really be a review of the Olive Garden. But I still want to mention it, because their breadsticks are garlicky and delicious.

Anyways, I flew to Minnesota on the red eye on Wednesday night, got my Pricelined rental car, stopped by the Chaska Bakery for some doughnuts, then went to my parents's house, where I promptly fell asleep. It was nice to get some sleep that wasn't in an airplane seat.

I met up with Beth and Erin Jane for lunch at the Olive Garden...the food was good (see breadstick comment above), but the company was great! It was nice to see both of them. If EJ will send me her pictures, I will post them on this "highly read" blog for all to see. That's incentive to send those pics to me.

After lunch, I ran a few errands, of which the most important was voting. Yes, I have voted now! I asked the election people at the courthouse if they had more absentee voting this year, and they have seen a lot more people voting early this year than ever. Carver County already had over 5,000 votes. I wonder if this election will change that average percentage of eligible Americans who actually make the effort to get registered to vote and then vote. I hope so, it makes me kind of sad that less than 40% of eligible people go out and vote.

Whoever you support politically, please go vote. It's a civic right and a civic duty. So go out and do it!



Schmiddy said...

I'll be partisan - vote for Obama! Glad you had fun at lunch. :)

Anonymous said...

... a little sad that there was more detail about voting than lunch with beth and i... does that mean you like voting more than you like us? i think we deserve a good page to page an a half blog just about us - and how wonderful we are.