Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do flu shots make you sick?

I stayed home from work today, sick. I can't tell if it is a cold, or if it something worse than that. I did get a flu shot last Wednesday - could that have made me sick? As I hate when people come into work sick (to get everyone else sick!), I stayed home. I spent a lot of the day in a hazy state due to cold medicine. I'm trying to beat this thing by sleep and rest!! Normally, when I get sick, I get REALLY sick. In an effort to stave off the near-dying stage, I am medicating early.

In other news, Travis passed his first round of STL interviews in Portland today! He just rocked the interviews right out the park. They called him less than three hours afterwards to tell him he passed. :) Now it is on to regionals in January. That's AWESOME. I'm so proud of him!!

I am watching the Dancing with the Stars results show, and then going to bed. More NyQuil for me, then hopefully I will feel well tomorrow morning. (Keep your fingers crossed!)



Schmiddy said...

Hope you feel better soon...we Schmids do know how to take sick to the extreme (strep, pneumonia, the flu, you name it). :)

Al Iverson said...

Yeah, flu shots can make you feel a bit oogy, make you wonder if you have a cold or something.

Hope you feel better!

melanie said...

I always get sick after I get a flu shot! Grrrrr... Hope you're feeling better now! =)