Thursday, October 9, 2008

Flying, fish...though not at the same time

I've spent the last five days traveling for business. I spent Sunday-Tuesday evening in Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley, CA at one of our offices there. They have a beautiful facility - there's even this gorgeous park right outside their door. I had no issues with my flights, rental car or anything.

I spent all day Wednesday traveling to Charleston, South Carolina. I left my house in Seattle at 5:30 am and didn't get to my hotel at almost 10 pm. (Yes, there is a three hour time difference, but still, the entire day was essentially wasted.) Why did it take so long, you ask? Let me tell you. When I got on the first flight in Seattle, I didn't get to board until the last group (thanks, United), and by the time I got to the door of the plane, they had run out of overhead space. Since I am only going to be in Charleston for a few days, I was traveling with only a carryon. Alas, they took my bag at the gate, and required me to check it through to Charleston. Anyways, other than that, the flight to Washington, DC was fine. We were shown some hilarious comedies (ala 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory and one more that is not coming to mind) as well as the movie Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. It was surprisingly good. We landed in Dulles about 40 minutes early - the flight is actually supposed to be nearly five hours.

My Charleston flight was unfortunately delayed by an hour, so I had several hours to kill in DC. We finally arrived in Charleston, and awesomely, no luggage. Turns out, they had randomly removed bags from the flight in DC to meet a weight limit. However, they didn't tell us this for about 75 minutes after landed. By the time I filled out the form for them to deliver my luggage to me, rented my car and got to my hotel, it was already 9:30. I then had to locate and visit an area Target store and pick up some toiletries, socks, underwear and a shirt, just in case my luggage didn't get here. I got a phone call at 1:30am...yeah, they called at 1:30. Nice. Thanks, United.

Anyways, after very little sleep, I got up and went into our Charleston office and worked a long day. Then, several of us who had come into town went out to dinner downtown at a place called Fish. Not surprisingly, they are a seafood place. Well, I decided to dive in (get it?) and I ordered one of their daily specials, red grouper. Over the past few weeks, I have eaten several different kinds of fish and seafood, and quite honestly, most of it wasn't bad. I'm apparently broadening my horizons!

I'm back at the hotel, and depressed that I missed both The Office and Grey's Anatomy. Now I will have to get them both on demand. I'm getting ready for bed, tomorrow will be another long day. Saturday, I have a really early flight, and then I need to go down to Kent to get a PO Box. Travis moves out here next Friday! Who's excited??



Al Iverson said...

Yay @ Travis and Boo @ United. Kate and I are in Boston today. Flew here on United yesterday, and for the first time in many, nothing went wrong. I was excited about that at first, until I realized that the only reason for the excitement is that my standards had been worn down to nothing because flying is so awful nowadays. I guess having to pay extra when checking in to get seats next to each other, and having to pay an extra sixty bucks to check a bag counts as "awesome" nowadays. Bleh!

Schmiddy said...

United sucks big time - they actually ran over my luggage with a truck once. And, they started the no luggage in Israel debacle by not sending my luggage to the next airline...good times. Glad you made it though!

Samantha said...

Have you ever seen the United disservice site? Check out - I love that there are a ton of relevant search results on Google for "united sucks". Sad.