Friday, December 5, 2008

I think we have a house!!

Good news! Travis and I are moving into our house in Kent, and we should close by the end of the month. (I know, moving in before it's closed, but we are taking a calculated risk based on the current landscape, and all signs are favorable for us, so we're doing it.) I am putting some pictures of the house below for your enjoyment, and you can picture me sitting in the rooms.

Front of the house - look how nice the landscaping is. Three car garage to fit three quarters of our vehicles.
Back patio - isn't this beautiful? Travis is going to install a fire pit off the side (off the right of the picture, it will be great)
Master bedroom. It's nice and spacious. We'll need to get black out shades and a ceiling fan and we are set to go.
A view of the kitchen from the living room. Who has two thumbs and is super excited to have her kitchen back? ME!
View of the kitchen from the breakfast nook. It's pretty.
View of the family room from the kitchen - isn't that stonework around the fireplace nice?
I hope you enjoy the pictures - we're moving on Thursday, which means we will be "home" for Christmas! Yay!


Schmiddy said...

Congrats! Looks great!

Melanie said...

that's great! congratulations! =D

Al Iverson said...

Very cool!! We're debating whether or not to move when our lease comes up in June...can't decide.

Amanda said...

Congrats! Enjoy being HOME for the holidays!

KM said...

I LOVE it! Especially the kitchen :) Moving is a pain, but you have such a great place to move into, you can just relax and enjoy after Thursday! :)

Luna said...

Congrats! It's beautiful. The kitchen looks very functional (very important!), and the patio will be wonderful for entertaining during the summer!