Thursday, May 1, 2008

MS Walk and Wandering Dinosaurs

In the past hour, team AmandaJCR has beaten its $5,000 fundraising goal! This doesn't mean that you shouldn't still donate if you were thinking about it, but I am just super excited that we beat that goal!!!

The MS Walk is this coming Sunday, and I checked out the weather today. It looks like it will be sixty degrees and sunny, which is just about perfect walking weather. Let's hope that the weather forecasters got it right, and that it isn't so windy that we repeat the Great Tent Debacle of MS Walk 2007. :)

I'm sure that you've missed all the fun information about Wandering Bront lately. It has been several days since I mentioned it on this blog. Rest assured, the band is still together! We now have several additional members, it appears we are taking more of a rotational approach to membership...that way more people can play. Beth (now rocking exclusively on the bass), Tracy (picking up some lead guitar riffs), John (filling in on drums and also playing lead guitar) and I (still sticking with the singing) played some music on Wednesday night.

I have one complaint about Rock Band, and I really think that this issue affects mostly the singer. Why in the sam hill do so many of the songs include references to rape, murder, waves of mutilation, death, anger and general meanness??? The meanness comment mostly refers to "Celebrity Skin" by Hole, I sang that one to Beth and I think she felt I was calling her a hooker waitress (hey, maybe I was*, but I don't judge). "I'm So Sick" - the bonus song - didn't feel like much of a bonus when you look at the words. During most of the songs, I would look at the words, sing them and then think, "WTF?" All in all, that is a small complaint, but when you are the main singer, it does seem to pile on the crazy lyrics.

We have had some discussions, we're pretty sure that we are actually going to order some tshirts. They'll probably be around $15-20 a piece - let me know if you have any interest, and what design preference you like (feel free to make suggestions here - check out to build some fun shirts)

I'll leave you with one last photo of Wandering Bront's sometimes groupie, sometimes lead guitarist - all members of this band really go all out. :)

Peace out, friends and fans. Peace out.

*Clearly, I was not, but still.

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Schmiddy said...

Did you see how properly Beth was sitting while playing the bass? She looks so formal!