Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm no longer a Guitar Hero...but I am still a rock star

So I played Guitar Hero last night at Brian's house. I hadn't played in quite awhile, and let me tell you: Skills get rusty. Ouch. I'm out of shape; the strumming made my hand sore. (Seriously.)

In all the time I've spent focusing on Wandering Bront (where I am almost always the singer, occasionally the drummer and never a guitarist), I've forgotten how to play the fake plastic guitar!! I seriously need to brush up. From what I hear, the guitar on Rock Band is actually harder than on Guitar Hero, so I can't even imagine how awful I'd be on the RB guitar now.

It's a good thing I have the weekend to practice...Wandering Bront debuts next weekend, and who knows, someone else might want the singing gig, so I may have to step in at guitar (OK, probably not, no one else wants to sing, but hey, at least I'd be ready!) Anybody up for a little Rock Band this weekend?


1 comment:

Schmiddy said...

You always have my mad GH skills to admire...until we start playing on hard anyway! ;)