Monday, July 14, 2008

Softball fun times

So if you didn't know, I decided that I would join my church's newly re-formed softball team this summer. My church hasn't had a softball team in about a decade (I think), but we have a really good bunch of folks on the team. I thought I'd sign up because it would be a fun way to meet other people in the parish (that aren't in the choir) and I used to love to play softball.

The league is co-ed slow pitch, which is an entirely new situation for me as I always played women's fastpitch. We're a little more than halfway through the season, and I LOVE IT! I have so much fun when we play, and we've been blessed with nearly perfect weather every Monday night, which makes any outdoor activity that much better.

Anyways. I've been getting better and better as the season goes on, and now I am feeling much more confident in my play. (I hadn't played any form of softball in about 10 years prior to our first game! I'm not saying I'm awesome by any means, but I am serviceable!)

I've been very busy lately with travel and cabins and other stuff going on, but I feel bad that I haven't been a very good blogger lately! My apologies, faithful readers (hi Mom!)

Tomorrow night is book club with this bunch of folks: so you can expect a blog post on one (or both) of these blogs about that coming soon.

T minus 13 days until my golden birthday!



melanie said...

hey! you have a blog! cool!

anyhoo, just thought i'd pop in to say hello... HELLO *wave* hehehe. =P

Schmiddy said...

I'm a faithful reader too! ;) Nice work on the softball!

BTAN said...

Hey I check pretty regularly too. Happy to see some new postings here!