Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 3 Day Weekend!

It's the Fourth of July! And this year, it falls on a Friday, which makes for a nice 3 day weekend. :) The weather couldn't be nicer. Travis and I took the boat out last night after I left work, and it was incredible. Sunny, not too hot, a bit of a breeze...I'm bummed Travis has to work this whole weekend.

We're having a birthday cookout for Mom tonight - that should be lots of fun.

I've been told I haven't been bloggin enough, and I know that's true. I'll try to get a post up here about my NYC trip, and I'll see what else has been going on in my busy life that is exciting enough to make the blog :)

Have a great 4th - where is everyone watching fireworks tonight??



Schmiddy said...

As you know, I watched them in the hometown. :) Great to see you!

BTAN said...

you blogged! reading a blog from a schmid makes my day. see you soon:)