Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wandering Bront

In case you weren't aware, I recently procured the game Rock Band, which is a video game that allows you and your friends to form a rock band and rock out to a bunch of mostly well-known songs. It comes with a drum kit, a wireless guitar and a microphone, and you can apparently hook up another guitar to the game and have a four-person band. (My basement is littered with plastic video game musical instruments, it's awesome, I need to take a photo for posterity.)

Simply put, this game is awesome. I got it on Tuesday, and set it up that night. Travis and I played a few songs (the drums are fun!), but I spent even more time playing it last night with Lisa and Beth. Beth and I had been racking our brains for good band names, and thought we had some original ones with things like "U2", the "Rolling Stones", and the "Wallflowers". Turns out those are already in use - who knew?! Enter the best band name ever: The Wandering Brontosaurus. Due to a glitch with naming length restrictions, this has turned into Wandering Bront, which in my opinion is a freaking sweet band name.

Currently the band members are me (vocals and cowbell/tambourine), Beth (lead guitar/bass guitar, depending on the song) and Lisa (drums). We have a few applicants for the fourth band member, and will be holding auditions soon. Please contact me if you would like to be considered for auditions; if you live out of town, we can arrange an audition for your next trip to Minnesota. We also accept some honorary band members, depending on where you live and just how dedicated you are to the band.

Wandering Bront will have its public debut on May 17, which coincidentally when our drummer graduates from law school. We're in the process of designing t-shirts (check out some of our concepts, we're still in design mode and open to suggestions). We can order a few extra if we have anyone who wants to be a groupie of a confused and lost dinosaur (and really, who wouldn't?)

We've made it through about half of the songs, and boy, they get harder as you go along (isn't that right, Lisa?)

I'm glad to have found a new obsession to get me through the beginning of spring, when it is cold, wet and rainy, and I don't want to spend it outside. Rock Band is pretty dang sweet because everyone can get involved!

Viva la Rock Band and long live Wandering Bront!!!!



Schmiddy said...

This blog had me laughing hysterically...but for the record, playing the drums IS hard. I scored almost perfectly when I played guitar. :)

Kristin said...

I would like to be the president of your fan club, and order a tshirt in pink (it would highlight my cheekbones better). ;)