Friday, April 25, 2008

Meet Erin Jane. She felt left out.

My friend Erin Jane was a bit bummed that she wasn't mentioned on my blog (incidentally, so was Travis, so apparently, I will need to mention him more as well) To make EJ feel better, I've decided to interview her for my blog because she "has led such an amazing life". It's sort of like a MySpace survey, but in person!

Samantha (SKH): How long did it take you to clear your throat to be prepped for this interview?
Erin Jane (EJP): A few minutes, I wanted to make sure I sounded ready for all your readers, I mean, it is the first time they are all hearing my voice.

SKH: Good point. OK, now into the real questions. Why do you make your friends fill out a friendship application in order to be friends with you?
EJP: else would you know if you want to be their friend or not if they didn't fill out an application? I think it is self-explanatory.

SKH: How much do you like sitting by Samantha?
EJP: [clears throat] On days that she showers, I don't really mind it, but most of the time it is pretty stinky. (AN: that's just unfair and untrue. I smell like roses.]

SKH: Why are you so mean?
EJP: Sometimes you have to mean to people so that they think you are cooler than them and then they understand their true place in the world and my true place in the world. Which is above them. And my friends are above them too.

SKH: You sound...interesting. How would you describe your hair?
EJP: Brown.

SKH: Fair enough. What is your favorite MySpace survey question to answer?
EJP: Who is your best friend?

SKH: OK, last question. Why did you want to be interviewed for this blog? It's not like I have millions of readers or anything. Yet.
EJP: I am not really sure because I thought that the questions would have been a littlemore thought out and I might be introduced to the world in a more positive way. Instead, this just makes me sound mean and not like a fun person to be friends with. BUT I AM FUN AND I AM COOL AND I AM WONDERFUL AND I AM SMRT. AND I AM CUTE. AND I AM...IRISH. And I am [AN: I'm getting sick of this now.] And I am wonderful again. Groovy. (Hehe.) Sexy, sassy.

SKH: And that's all we have time for here on our lunch break.

Back to you, Bob.


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