Saturday, April 4, 2009

Which place setting should I use?? A reader poll

Please take a look at the two fancy place settings I have, and vote in the comments as to which one I should use for Easter (next Sunday!)

Platinum rimmed china with Waterford crystal stemware:

Or gold rimmed china with Reidel crystal stemware:

I realize that this decision might be life changing for some of you, so please take a minute to vote. I will take a picture of the "winning" table before I serve dinner next weekend. :)

Also, any opinion on tablecloth or no tablecloth? I have a gold damask tablecloth or a white linen tablecloth. I will be using white linen napkins.



Amanda said...

Platinum rimmed china with Waterford crystal stemware ... and a white tablecloth!

Richard Wallo said...

I like the first choice and feel you should choose the gold tablecloth. Given my opinion just trust your heart and serve your meal with love and all will be well.

Schmiddy said...

I like the second option, and I say white tablecloth.

joannamauselina said...

I think the gold rimmed plates with Waterford and white linen. Just to be an iconoclast. Easter is a rather golden occasion.

Bumblebootie said...

oOOOooo... gold rimmed is pretty. =)

Luna said...

Platinum rimmed with the white table cloth. Just 'cause I'm not a gold fan.